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Simply Irresistible Southern Food

Southern cooking has been a meal-time favorite for many of our neighbors and friends over the years. We provide the freshest and widest selection of southern meats around. New to the cuisine or Empire Meats? Come on by and check us out! Our expert and experienced butchers will be happy to guide you to the best cuts available for your for dinner tonight!

collection of various raw packaged meats

Taste the South With These Traditional Meat Favorites

Many of our loyal customers and neighbors have been raised on southern cuisine. They know their meats and and demand the best cuts available. Check out our wide selection:

  • Rind on slab bacon
  • Assorted smoked turkey
  • Assorted smoked pork
  • Georgia boy sausages
  • Curtis brand sausages
  • Rope sage sausage
  • Southern frozen vegetables

Don’t see what you need? Just ask. We are happy to accommodate you.

You Can Trust Us to Serve the Best

If you’re craving rich and savory food that transports you on a journey through history, Southern dishes are a great way to go. We have the finest selection of options for you to add to your table. You can indulge your appetite with fresh food that keeps on giving long after you’ve eaten. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or wanting to introduce a new regular recipe to your life, we have a variety of delicious products for you to choose from. Embrace the past and look forward to the future with our Southern dish options.

Come By Any of Our Locations Today
We Would Love to Serve You!