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A Dearly Beloved Neighborhood Institution

“Empire Meats offers the finest selection of meats in the greater Rochester area. Quality products, friendly, helpful staff, and great value is what makes us who we are. We are happy to help make your meal a memorable one and look forward to serving you for many years to come”

– Kevin and Shannon Rowe

empire meats storefront

A Melting Pot of Different Cultural Flavors

As time has passed, we’ve incorporated a variety of elements into our repertoire. By including different ethnic and cultural flavors, we’ve expanded our product line, allowing us to offer delicious options for everybody. We offer various meats and seafood that will satisfy the tastes of the many cultures that make up Rochester. We pride ourselves on honoring old traditions while helping to create new ones.

Seasoned Butchers and Seafood Experts

We’ve built a legacy of friendly customer service that helps people choose the right option for them. Our friendly team of butchers, with over 50 years of combined experience, will fulfill your customer experience by sharing their knowledge with you to determine the best choices for tonight’s dinner. We’re responsible and reliable professionals with an innate passion for delicious food. We’ve earned lifelong customers by attending to their needs with care and attention to detail. Our warm and welcoming manner makes customers feel comfortable and at ease with their selection. When you’re in our store, you’re in our home. Join the family today by indulging in our delicious meat options.

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